Guys, My Neighbor is a Kuntilanak! (2010) (en)

Guys, My Neighbor is a Kuntilanak! 2010

Guys, My Neighbor is a Kuntilanak! Download - While Safina is pregnant, her husband, Anton, is having an affair with his secretary, Yuli. Then Yuli uses black magic to insert needles inside Safina’s womb and causes her death. But the baby survives. With a shaman’s help, a gold pin is nailed into the head of Safina so that her spirit does not resurrect as a Kuntilanak to avenge her death. Then Yuli controls Anton and his baby in order to take over his wealth. Afgan, Nadin, and Nono are indie filmmakers collecting horror stories for their movies. Safina’s ex-maid, who is Afgan’s neighbour, tells them this story. The spirit of Safina can be summoned at her house in a form of a beautiful woman so the young men are tempted by the illusion of a romantic seduction of Safina’s spirit. Then Nadin meets Safina in a form of a Kuntilanak. Nadin feels sorry for her fate so together with Afgan, Nono, and Safina’s ex-maid, they try to help Safina avenge her death and reunite with her baby.
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