Aurora: The UFO Crash of 1897 (2016) (en)

Aurora: The UFO Crash of 1897 2016

Aurora: The UFO Crash of 1897 Download - Jim Marrs looks at the Aurora Crash. According to a news story that appeared in The Dallas Morning News, an `airship` crashed in Aurora Texas on April 17th, 1897. According to the news report, published two days later, the `airship` crashed into the windmill at Judge Proctor's place and the pilot -- a `Martian` -- was killed in the crash and later buried in the town cemetery. In 1897 a UFO crashed in Aurora, Texas where it hit a windmill and exploded. The remains of an alien body were recovered and buried in the local cemetery. This documentary was premiered at the first annual Aurora Alien Encounter on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 - An event to commemorate the historical incident
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