The Risk of Living (1978) (en)

The Risk of Living 1978
  • Original title: Le risque de vivre
  • Evaluation: 6 (Votes: 1)
  • Release date 1978-04-18 (1978)
  • Duration: 85 Min
  • Actors: Michael Lonsdale

The Risk of Living Download - A paean to Darwin and his theories, this documentary on the increasing complexity of life forms as they go up the evolutionary scale is fascinating in its visual images. Microscopic organisms in a tiny drop of water vie for the viewer's interest with birds and monkeys and other animals in their natural setting. Intelligence and awareness increase on the way toward more evolved species until it becomes clear that different kinds of apes and monkeys are fairly calculating in their use of tools and communication. One drawback is that the narration does not entertain on a par with the images captured on camera.
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