Git Başımdan (2015) (en)

Git Başımdan 2015

Git Başımdan Download - Latif Selamsiz is an ordinary man who is in his later 30s. He's dating the same girl, working in the same job ever since he could remember and also he's still living with his mother. One day he decide to brake up with his girlfiend Reyhan. But instead, he found himself proposing to her. When the wedding day arrives, his inner voice speaks and everything changes forever. While Latif is running off from his own wedding, he hit a man with his car and he joins Latif on his journey. This man is Mansur, Latif's inner voice. Latif and Mansur get involved in a fight on their way, and they met Selin during the incident. Selin's car is stolen and her turtle is in the trunk of her car. If she couldn't find her car on time, the turtle will be dead. Latif starts his journey by running off all by himself but as he moves along, he will find his true self, face his inner voice and achieve true happiness with Selin and Mansur on his side.
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