Bottom's Dream (1984) (en)

Bottom's Dream 1984
  • Original title: Bottom's Dream
  • Evaluation: 5 (Votes: 1)
  • Release date 1984-05-01 (1984)

Bottom's Dream Download - The short takes as its inspiration Bottom's contemplation on the "dream" he has experienced in the middle acts of Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream", in which his head is transformed into that of an ass and the Fairy Queen Titania is made to fall in love with him. Shakespeare's "Dream" has long been the most visually attractive play to adapt, and the transfer to animation opens up possibilities set designers could only dream of. Canemaker's mastery of the art and his immense creativity make this short quite a ride, exploring a few of the darker undertones in Shakespeare's text that are often excised or simply ignored.
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