Gergasi (1958) (en)

Gergasi 1958

Gergasi Download - A young man has fallen in love with a vampire, where he is insanely head over heels for her due to her undenying beauty. He has decided to nail behind her neck so her beauty remains forever and never change into a vampire again. They both got married and lived happily with their newborn named Mutiara. As the years passed by she inherited her mother's beauty not knowing her mother's pass history. She then fell in love with the Penghulu's son Guntur. But at the same time a man who is just known as Doktor is also fond of Mutiara. One day as Mutiara was combing her mother's hair she came across the nail in her head and pulled it out. To her surprise her mother turned into a vampire and ran away. On her wedding day with Guntur, Doktor had ordered the Gergasi to kidnapped her away. Will she ever be saved?
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