A Great Actor (2005) (en)

A Great Actor 2005
  • Original title: 좋은 배우
  • Evaluation: 0 (Votes: 0)
  • Release date 2005-10-07 (2005)
  • Duration: 175 Min
  • Genres: Drama

A Great Actor Download - Soo-Young, who originally prepared to take a state examination, suddenly decides to be an actor and goes to the theatrical company. He wants to find a breakthrough with his acting career but he feels hasty and desperate because he started late. This theatrical company is preparing an experimental play and starts to gather actors . Mi-Ran, who is in charge of this company wants to scout this actor called, Ji-Hwan. Mi-Ran thinks he is an outstanding actor but some of the actors opposed to this idea. Soo-Young who wants to be a good actor desperately wants to meet him. Soo-Young goes all the way to the mountain in Kang-won-do just to find Ji-Hwan, but Ji-Hwan turned out to be not the person who Soo-young thought he would be. Ji-Hwan seems too awkward to be a good actor. And Soo young, who wanted to find the method to be a good actor, becomes very confused as he gets to know ji-hwan more and more. And he finally learns that there is no such thing as a method.
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